Expat Retirement Planning

Are you considering retiring abroad or are you living abroad already?

Our expat retirement plans are tailor-made for the modern international worker and we can help you with tax reduction and inheritance / estate planning.

Most expats we meet have started their pensions decades too late and have to overcompensate by putting away thousands of Dollars a month in a tough attempt to catch up with the thirty year old who planned ahead saving only hundreds per month.

We have some simple retirement planning advice…

Retirement Planning Advice

  • The sooner you start saving, the less you have to put away each month
  • Consider working longer and retiring later if you have started saving later in life
  • Don’t delay starting a plan or you will pay a heavy price later in life!
  • Where do you want to retire and why?
  • You must have a target retirement age to plan properly
  • Start to visualise what your retirement might look like and how you will achieve it
  • Track your current pension pots and see if there is a better way to invest it
  • Protect your pension from currency fluctuations
  • See if there is a better way to reduce tax and mitigate currency movements with a pension transfer overseas
  • What is healthcare like in your country of retirement and how expensive will it be in old age?
  • Have you saved enough to live in a nursing home or who will look after you in old age?
  • Have you made a will?

International Retirement Plans

We work with most of the major life insurance companies such as Royal London 360, Old Mutual International and Hansard International.


Your pension will then be managed by the top investment managers from around the world such as Aberdeen Asset Management, BNP Parisbas, Black Rock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Investec, M&G, Shroders, Threadneedle and UBS. Talk to us to find out more about the investment managers and discretionary fund managers we work with.

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