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Award Winning Fund Managers

Find out more about the award winning fund managers we work with

Pension Planning

Learn how to secure a better retirement with smart pension planning

Invest in Alternative Assets

Invest in rare stamps. Unlike the financial system, this is a real, tangible asset that appreciates steadily over time

Health Insurance

Health insurance is imperative when you are away from home. Medical bills can destroy your family savings overnight

Invest in Global Real Estate

Find out how to earn income through rent from property around the world

Access Low Cost ETF's

Invest in low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Ask about iShares, Vanguard and Fidelity ETFs

Life Insurance

Protect your family: make sure your family keeps their home and your partner doesn’t have to work to put the kids’ through school and university with life insurance

Invest in Gold & Silver

Invest in real silver & gold coins and bullion in secure vaults in Singapore

Reach your investment goals

We help build bespoke investment portfolios based on your risk and investment horizon to aim for a dream retirement.
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Tailored Investment Portfolios

We set up a bespoke investment portfolio based on your risk preferences and when you want access to your funds. For sophisticated investors, you can select your own shares, mutual funds and ETFs for your portfolio

Invest in REAL ASSETS. Rare stamps (+195%) have outperformed both UK equities (51%) and UK housing (135%) over 10 years from 2004 - 2014.

The Penny Black

The Penny Black is the world’s first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It first was issued in Great Britain on the 1st of May 1840 and went into official use from the 6th of May that year. Queen Victoria’s head  features on the stamp.

Stanley Gibbons

We work exclusively with Stanley Gibbons. With a distinguished heritage dating back to 1856, Stanley Gibbons is the world’s longest established rare stamp merchant. Their world-leading experts are at the heart of everything they do and they travel globally in search of authentic, high quality material often of extreme rarity and value. It is this adherence to quality that gained Stanley Gibbons the Royal Warrant in 1914 and allows them to offer a lifetime guarantee on all their collection of coins & stamps. To this day, they remain the only philatelist to offer this assurance.

invest in penny black stamps

"An alternative investment which is real and tangible."


Ask us about our automated investment strategies using sniper trading algorithms


Our team will always be there to help you and your business.

Ask about our laser focused retirement planning and investment options. We will build investment portfolios to suit your needs.

Tax planning. Ask about how we can help you avoid inheritance and estate taxes as well as reduce the income taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes and profits tax you pay.

Insurance is essential for expats who take free healthcare back home for granted. Ask us about the healthcare insurance options that are available.

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